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TV help

No satellite signal

You're currently viewing Sky+ content

Please wait for the weather to return to normal

Poor weather can interfere with the signal from our satellites to your dish, so please wait for the weather to return to normal.

While you wait, you can still enjoy your favourite programmes on  Sky Go  or on demand. You can also watch programmes you've recorded to your Planner.

Please note if you reboot your Sky box, you’ll immediately lose access to your recordings.

Once the weather’s returned to normal, you can watch Sky on your TV again. If you saw a “No Satellite Signal” message on your TV from us during the bad weather, you now might need to restart your Sky box:

  • 1. Switch off your Sky box at the mains.
  • 2. Wait for at least two minutes.
  • 3. Switch on your Sky box at the mains.
  • 4. Wait for at least four minutes.
  • 5. Press sky on your Sky remote.
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